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I wrote a few children's books… not on purpose.

Stories for Children

Each night, my daughter asks me to tell her a story. She often starts the story giving me the characters and some of the plot, but I have to do the rest. Some of these stories are interesting enough for me to drop up here.

Hey, it's how J.R.R. Tolkien got his start-- well, without the web site anyway.

Flora and the Flower
One of the many little stories I tell my three year old daughter.

Small As a Mouse
Did you ever want to be small enough to play inside your dollhouse?

The Monster and the Snowman
I like to tell this story to my daughter to counteract all of the "Happy Ever After" stories that seem to be the literary diet of children.

The Three Ponies
My own variation on a classic mythological theme, prompted one day, when my daughter dropped three toy ponies in lap and asked for a story.

The Princess and the Pig
Once upon a time, I wanted to tell my daughter a story with some finger puppets, but I didn't have many. So I asked my friend, Roger Chen, what I could tell her. He gave me the start to this funny little story, but I had to come up with the rest.

The Three Brothers Troll
A story I told many, many years ago when I lived down in Southern Utah where there is a canyon full of shapes formed by mud.

The Fairy and the Stories
When my daughter asked me to tell her a story about her sunglasses, this is what I came up with.

The Little Man at the Tire Swing
A children's story about a strange walk a little girl took with her mother.

The Missing Slipper
A story of a slipper who ran away only to find he missed his friend, the other slipper.

The Doll's Adventure
While I'm not convinced that your toys are having party in your absence, they may have a life of their own.

The Crazy Tea Party
A story of a tea party that mysteriously becomes wild.

Pig Makes New Friends
A story of a pig who was very shy and lonely... and a dragon who was lonely.... and a unicorn who was lonely... and, well, I think you get the picture.