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Each night, my daughter asks me to tell her a story. She often starts the story giving me the characters and some of the plot, but I have to do the rest. Some of these stories, like this one, are interesting enough for me to drop up here.


These are sweet. I'd love to hear what she starts you out with.


The Little Man at the Tire Swing

Once upon a time, a little girl went for a walk with her mother and her baby brother. Around the corner from their house, there was a huge oak tree with a tire swing on it, and the little girl asked her mother if she could have a swing.

So, her mother helped her up and gave her a big push. While she was swinging, she saw a tiny little red hat underneath a bush. And underneath the red hat was tiny little man with a huge smile. The little man waved and the girl waved back.

The little girl told her mother about the little man, but when her mother looked, the man and his hat were gone.

Meanwhile, back in the stroller, the little girl's baby brother found her doll and was playing with it, but since he was just a baby, he accidently dropped it out of the stroller and it fell to the ground.

When the little girl was done, she got back in the stroller and headed out on their walk. As they were going down the street, the little girl looked behind her and she saw the little man and his little hat running after her.

"Mommy, there's that little man again!" she said, but before her mother could turn around and look, a dog started barking and the little man ran and hid underneath a bush, so her mother didn't see the man.

Down at the end of the street, they turned a corner by the neighborhood store, and the little girl looked back and saw the little man and his little hat running after them.

"Mommy, there's that little man again!" she said, but as her mother was turning around to look, a car pulled into his driveway, and blocked the view of the little man.

"Honey," her mother said, "Are you just teasing me? There isn't a little man back there."

Down at the end of that street where the school is, they turned another corner, and the little girl looked back and again saw the little man and his little hat running after them.

"Mommy, there's that…" she began, but thought, why bother, and instead said, "a beautiful red flower."

Soon they arrived back at this home, and the little girl's mother took the baby and went inside. Just then the little man ran up to the little girl and said, "I've been chasing you. You dropped your doll back at the swing," and handed her doll back to her.

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