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While I'm not convinced that your toys are having party in your absence, they may have a life of their own. Since each night, my daughter asks me to tell her a story, and this one being cute enough, I dropped it here for you (and your child's) entertainment.

The Doll's Adventure

Once there was a little girl who was playing with her doll in the backyard. She had gathered a lot of little sticks to make a house, but the house kept falling, so she decided to make a little nest instead. Just when she was thinking of pretending she would be a bird and her doll would be a baby bird, the little girl's mother called to her to see if she wanted to go for a walk.

She hastily put the doll in her backpack and went for a walk, but while on the walk, the little girl started skipping, and the doll bounced out of the backpack and fell behind a bush.

"Oh no!" thought the little doll, "How am I ever going to get home to the little girl? The little girl will never find me here."

Soon the doll began to hear noises and began to get even more frightened, when all of a sudden, a nose and some whiskers bounded through the bushes and almost landed on the doll. The squirrel looked at the little doll curiously, and then picked the doll up and bounce out of the bushes and across the lawn.

"Oh no!" thought the little doll, "Where is this animal taking me? What is it going to do to me?" But just then a dog started barking, and the squirrel dropped the doll and bounded up a tree. The doll was now at the base of the tree.

The doll tried to feel better and told herself that at least she would be easier to see than in the bushes… until the dog ran up and grabbed the doll and started to shake her.

"Oh no!" thought the little doll, "This dog is hurting me, and it will chew me to pieces! What am I going to do?" But the owner of the dog whistled, and the dog dropped the dog in the middle of the lawn and ran away.

"At least I'm out in the open now. Hopefully the little girl will see me," thought the little doll as she stared at the open sky stretching above her.

Soon she saw a black dot circling around in the sky. The black dot began to get bigger and bigger until a large raven landed next to the doll. After looking the doll over, the raven picked up the doll and flew into the sky.

"Oh no!" thought the little doll, "Where is this big bird taking me? What is it going to do to me? The little girl will never find me now!" The raven flew high in the air and the doll saw that all the houses started to look like small doll houses.

Then the raven caught sight of something else, and dropped the doll. Down, down, down, she fell… Until she fell into something soft. The doll landed in the nest the little girl had built for her. The little doll was home!

Soon the little girl came into the backyard and exclaimed, "There you are! I thought I took you on my walk and then lost you, but you were here in your nest all the time. I will have to be more careful from now on."

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