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Each night, my daughter asks me to tell her a story. This story came about when she wanted to have a tea party with her plastic tea set she got for her birthday. This story seemed cute enough for me to drop up here.

The Crazy Tea Party

There once was a little girl named Flower who decided to have a tea party. Since she had four tea cups, she thought she would invite 3 friends over. She went over to her toy box to decide.

"I must invite Mr. Honeybear," she said as she picked up the brown teddy bear, "for he always tells such great jokes." She put the bear in front of the yellow tea cup and went back to the toybox.

"Oh, and I must invite Mrs. Piggleywiggley, for she always a good one with the stories," she said. She put the pink pig with the flowered hat in front of the pink tea cup and tried to think who else should come.

She thought she heard a voice saying, "Pick me! Pick me!" but the voice wasn't coming from the toybox. She looked around the room and saw her dolly in the baby buggy, and thought, "Oh, how could I almost forget you, my dear. You must come as you always have the best gossip." She put her in front of the blue tea cup, and then sat herself down by the green tea cup, and began to pour.

"How do you take your tea, Mrs. P?" she asked the pig in her funny voice that her Daddy uses when they play tea party.

"I'll just have a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the cup," said the pig. The little girl began to pour some sugar into the tea, but just as it was going into the cup, it turned into honey.

"Oh dear! How did that happen? It was sugar before I started. I'm so sorry, Mrs. P," the girl said.

"Don't worry about it, my dear, I have been wanting to try my tea the way Mr. Honeybear likes his," said the pig.

"Ha, you act as if that change was a bad thing," chuckled Mr. Honeybear. "I'll just have a spot of honey, now that you have so much of it."

"Of course," Flower said, "I was even going to bother asking, as we all know how bears love honey." She took a dollop of honey, but just as it was going into the tea cup, the honey turned into jam.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Honeybear, this honey was honey!" cried Flower.

"That's quite all right, my dear," said the bear as she tried to calm the girl down, "I like jam too. While I've never tried it in tea before, I'm always willing to try new things."

"You could trade with me," said the pig, and that's what they did.

"Dare I ask you how you take your tea," Flower asked her dolly.

"While I usually take milk in mine," said the doll, "I'm tempted to take my without today."

But at this point, the tea pot turned into a ball and rolled off onto the floor, the tea cup sprouted wings and started flying around the room, and the sauces started dancing with the spoons.

"This tea party has gone crazy!" said the little girl. She then noticed something out her bedroom window. So she ran out of the room and went outside to investigate. She found a large raven on her window sill laughing so hard, it could barely hang on.

"Are you the one making my tea party crazy?" the little girl asked.

The raven immediately stopped laughing and even looked a little scared. She bowed her head and said, "Yes, it was me."

"But why? Why would you ruin my party?"

"I wanted you to invite me to your tea party," the raven meekly said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you wanted to join us. All you would have to do is ask," the little girl said.

"May I come to your tea party," the raven asked hopefully.


With that, the raven changed herself into a little girl with long black hair and dark gray eyes that twinkled with happiness, and followed the girl inside for the best tea party both of them ever had.

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