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Sidewalk Messages

Sidewalk Chalk Message At breakfast the other morning, a friend mentioned a quote (perhaps a bumper sticker) that he heard that really stuck with me.

So, I had to inscribe it in chalk on my cement in front of my home:

Fear cannot run this country

When my sister came by this afternoon and saw my message, she mentioned another one that she had heard … which soon after ended up on another sidewalk up the street from me:

If you can read this, you're not the President.

I need some more, since when the rainy season descends, I'll get to replace these messages regularly. I was reading about the RNC protests in NYC in the Utne Reader, and got these:

  • Bush did what Osama could not. He united the world against us

  • Dick Cheney before Cheney dicks you.

  • Draft the Bush twins

  • Would Jesus strike 'preemptively?' NO!

  • Republicans cause cancer

  • Halliburton Über Alles

  • Stop Mad Cowboy Disease

  • Emissions Accomplished

If you have some more fodder for my exercise of my Free Speech rights (which will probably be taken away here if things don't change)… leave me a comment. Thanks.

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