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Amanda is right on is her comments about:

Nothing has marked American politics in the twentieth century more than the loss of idealism and the triumph of pragmatism as a political M.O. Not since the '60s has there been any large-scale belief that human nature or the system can be overhauled dramatically. Political pressure groups have been resigned to making incremental progress rather than radically shifting the mainstream perspective on their cause. Of course, a lunatic fringe still exists, and it is from the extremes that the middle is determined.


In the July/August 2004 issue of the Utne Reader, I just ran across this interview with playwright Tony Kushner, who says:

The principle of realpolitik is that politics isn't an expression of your personal purity. Politics is about compromise. People need to understand that politics is very much a matter of the lesser of two evils, or three--

I Changed Parties

Political parties, that is. That's right, I, a sworn and swearin' independent my entire voting life, changed parties today. Why? Well, that is the purpose of this page …

A couple of months ago, I was reading some editorials (some in the Utne Reader) about the fact that liberals are so staunch about debate, seeing both sides of an issue, and discussion in general that we don't exhibit any clear messages or directions. Your conservatives wave this morality banner (even though morality doesn't always play in their politics)… but it is something that people identify with. At least, this seems to be the only excuse for the high public support for the Bush Regime.

But I've been an independent so long stating that I'm tired of a two-party system that has failed me-- I'm making a statement here! Hey, listen up, I'm making a statement. Is this thing on? Oh come on, does anybody care?

So, I'm getting practical in my politics.

Sure there are issues to defend and all, but right now, but just voting for a statement that nobody pays any attention is just throwing out my vote. I can't afford that any more. With a half-billion dollar war chest, we need to decide on a candidate, and soon. So I'm now a Democrat, and now I get to have a say in deciding who is going to help overthrow our current regime.

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