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Who's Side are We on Anyway?

Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my father-in-laws copy of Time magazine had a cover with the phrase, "The Saudis. Whose Side are They on in the War on Terror?"

Well this week's issue had a quote from some letter to the editor that said in response to that issue:

Oil-hungry Americans are the chief source of funds for the Saudis, who have long financed terrorist groups. Whose side are we on?"

Christopher Calson, Minneapolis, Minn.

Amen, brother, amen.

I mean, the war on terrorism should really be a war against oil. What better way to fight terrorism that to become self-sufficient in our energy needs? No dependence on foreign oil means that we would have a better (and a more objective) position in working with other countries.

Why does this seem so obvious to so many people in this country, but nothing changes?

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