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25 Random Things About Me

The latest fad surfin' around Facebook is to write 25 miscellaneous things about oneself. Given that I've been quite busy building up my new start-up, I've resisted. With a little downtime, it might be just the thing I need to get back into writing.

  1. The only album I had in high school that I still listen to is Weather Report's Mr. Gone.
  2. I know who Ken Nordine is, and I'm not afraid to cackoo.
  3. Saw the Dead in 1994 in Salt Lake City, and finally understood so much.
  4. I love Scandinavian folk-punk-fusion, like Garmarna and Hedningarna.
  5. I've become that dad that laughs at his own bad jokes and dry humor and who amazes 4 year olds with his magical abilities.
  6. After initially asking my wife out for a date, she replied, "Maybe sometime", and walked away. I remind her of that sometimes.
  7. I wasn't, and am still not, very good with math. I am re-learning it with my children.
  8. I'm a very slow reader, so I tend to read non-fiction books that make you read slowly anyway.
  9. My wife has a labradoodle. I have a hard enough time admitting it.
  10. Studied Hebrew and ancient Greek in college, but now wish I had picked up something more useful.
  11. I actually don't find Schopenhauer depressing.
  12. I'm a gifted tarot card reader.
  13. I am writing a book. Alas, it is on programming for kids and not on anything as interesting as philosophy.
  14. My favorite thing to do after dinner is play games or build Legos with my kids.
  15. My first exposure to poetry was David Lee, and he sure hooked me with his unconventional approach.
  16. I teach chess at my daughter's school. Did I mention I'm a terrible chess player? Kids haven't figured that out yet.
  17. I have a closet full of strange books. I have an Aleister Crowley book next to an original edition of Starting FORTH. I forgot about that.
  18. My favorite book as a child was The Lord of the Rings. I still haven't seen the movie.
  19. Studied Buddhism for many years. Still adore it.
  20. Haven't baked bread, rolled my own pasta or brewed my own beer since I got married. I say it every year, but that's got to change.
  21. I smashed my foot in a motorcycle accident. They put plates and screws to hold the bones together. I was supposed to get them removed, but I didn't have the money back then, and now I suppose it is too late.
  22. I have a small collection of masks from around the world. My wife won't let me take them out of my den. In fact, most of the things I had before marriage are quarantined to my den. The 13" Dobsonian, however, stays in the garage.
  23. I take my kids to the library or to the museum just about every week. I tell my wife that we've perfected the fine art of doing nothing because this is how we spend our weekends.
  24. I've had Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and a slew of other fairy tale creatures replace the Tooth Fairy for my children. Hey, the Tooth Fairy was still vacationing in Bermuda, and it wasn't like Santa wasn't doing anything in July.
  25. Drove up to Crater Lake in March one year. So foggy I couldn't see it. Wait, is that very interesting? Actually, is anything in this list?

And now for some bonus material… here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Philosopher: Albert Camus, or is it David Hume?
  • Poet: Matsuo Bashō, or is it David Lee?
  • Musician: Bill Evans, or is it Stevie Ray Vaughn?
  • Scientist: Carl Sagan, or is it Stephen Jay Gould?
  • Album: Kind of Blue
  • Book: Tao Te Ching
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • Mythology: Nordic… heh.
  • Python: Can't do it. I love each and every one of them.
  • Movie: Hrm … maybe the Big Lebowski?
  • Superhero: The Tick
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