Howardism Musings from my Awakening Dementia
My collected thoughts flamed by hubris
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Growing up, we had a junk drawer. It was always full, and full of all sorts of interesting things that never seemed to get used. My wife had one growing up as well, and I understand most people do. I've also heard that many people have junk rooms … that's right, an entire room devoted to stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else.

Well, in trying to categorize my thoughts, I'm amazed that most of these don't fit into any category… hence this "junk folder".

Advice to the Happy Couple
Some advice that I give out to newly engaged couples. Hey, it worked for me...

Still Perfecting Nature
I viewed a billboard of a cow that had had her utter removed. Hillarity ensued.

Acidic Inspiration
what really is the difference between using drugs, physio-mental defects, and extra-sensory reality?

Naked Old Women
Ran across Alice Matzkin's latest artistic show entitled, Naked Old Women. It is fabulous, and some of the pieces are online.

Dance for the Sun
A description of a watercolor I did many years ago.

A Dream
I don't often put my dreams in a public forum like this, but this one was so strange, that I just had to.

The Toaster Saga
Musings on a broken microwave and the story of my grandmother's toaster.

Buddha Crockett
A picture of a squirrel perched on top of my statue of the Buddha in my garden.

On Novel Writing
Are writers inspired by the muses, or are they nothing more than tomb raiders?

On Time Capsules and Humanity
As we near the 30th anniversary of the Voyager probes, I created a soundscape of the recordings housed on it.

Pale Blue Dot
A quote from Carl Sagan about the tinyness our world.