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Any program is only as good as it is useful.

—Linus Torvalds


I remember giving up my Mark Williams's Coherent operating system for a Slackware distribution with a version 0.9 of the Linux kernel. While my laptop is a Mac, all my servers have been a Linux variant ever since 1993.

Spider webs on My Server
How long has your server been running?

The agonizingly long story of my battle with the slapper.worm and the hackers who exploited it.

Tomcat Always On
Some notes about getting Tomcat (or any other Unix process) to automatically restart if it dies.

Rebuilding the Linux Kernel
Why oh why do I still have to recompile the kernel just to mount an SMB drive?

The Ubuntu Experience
The sordid tale of installing Ubuntu on my sister-in-law's

Working with GRUB
Notes on resetting the MBR using GRUB.

Port Redirection using IPTables
Tomcat uses port 8080? Re-route it.