Spider webs on My Server

So my servers are located in another room to insulate me from the noise and the visual disturbance. I know I worked on computers, but is there anything more ugly than a cheap PC? Anyway, I seldom have to physically touch them because they are servers and I access them remotely from my workstation.

Also, they are Linux and I seldom need to even reboot them, and even when I do upgrade the kernel, I can do the reset remotely as well.

Well, tonight, something odd happened. I don’t know what (I’m still performing the autopsy), but I actually needed to go push the shiny red button on the front my server, and when I did, I noticed that my server was covered in a rather large spider web.

I know that system administrators are always proud of their uptime and like to proclaim it often … even in mixed company. But I think the greatest tribute would be to have a spider build a nest in your server.

Either that is a mark of bravado or simply an indication of a geek cleanliness. Probably the same thing.

Date: 2003 Jun 17

Created: 2023-01-11 Wed 21:34