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Groovy Programming Language

Once upon a time, I wrote about the Death of Java, which was spawned by many developer's excitement with the re-discovery of scripting languages … er, I mean dynamic languages. I must say, I've been re-invigorated with programming in general and Java in particular by using Groovy.

The following are some of the articles I've written about Groovy:

Rules Engine with Groovy
An idea of separating the business rules in a scripting... er, dynamic language.

Working with Grails and Eclipse
General notes on integrating Grails and Eclipse. Won't someone step up to plate and please write a plugin?

Why I Like Groovy
A short code example of why Groovy is so nice.

Useful Taglibs for Grails
A couple of helpful Groovy tags for GSP files in Grails

Unit Testing Java Code with Groovy
Due to Groovy's ease-of-use and nice features, I have found it useful to sometimes test Java code using Groovy. This is a presentation I gave to PJUG.

A Bit of Grails Advice
Notes and ideas on Grails. This page is obviously not finished.