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The Goods

Note: The code is contained as an Eclipse project. You may also want to grab jMock.

Unit Testing Java Code with Groovy

This evening, I gave this presentation to the PJUG about unit testing of Java code with the Groovy language. Groovy's scripting dynamic language features and tight Java integration make it a good choice for unit testing code written in Java.

I would argue that Groovy is easier to write and easier to understand what a piece of code does, and is therefore easier to maintain. Both of these reasons make it a good candidate to help with unit testing, for I have found that any help in this arena is good.

As you've heard before, Groovy has tight integration with Java, and so a great way to introduce your enterprise to Groovy is through additional unit testing. This requires minimal changes to your build infrastructure and has little effect on your "flow".

I welcome your thoughts and perspective on this idea.

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