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The problem with society today is that spiritual principles are disregarded; religious life is ethical-- not mystical-- hence our society is disintegrating.

—Joseph Campbell, Sukhavati

Mythology and the Deepness of Life

My journey into an interest in mythology began with the Bible and the scriptures of my Mormon upbringing. At the time, I read them literally and not with the deeper mythological eye that I do now.

The following are essays on mythology and a general view of literature as mythic imagery. I'm in the process of updating my notes and essays on mythology, so if you are interested, please see my old website.

Is Zeus either Odhinn or Thor?
Thoughts on how the abilities and rituals of old gods get converted with the influx of new gods... especially the denigration of Odin and Hermes.

Maybe Good, Maybe Bad
Retelling an interesting Chinese story that I picked up from Parabola.

The Mythology of Rebirth
Mythic themes of being "swallowed by a whale" a being a similar symbol to being "born again."

Letter to the Creationists
An open letter written to all people who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible ... the Creationists. Hey! You're missing the point.

Greek and Nordic Mythology
I got an email from a kid who wanted details "about the relation between Greek and Norse gods and their evolution over time". Good question.

A Tale of Two Masks
Two stories of masks and the fears they represent.

Gotta Love that Villian
Thoughts on why we love villains ... could it be that secretly we want to be a villain?

Happily Ever After?
Not all fairy tales end with the "happily ever after" motif ... nor should they, for what message do we teach our children if that is all they ever hear?

Life Begins, The Dream
Background and thoughts on the image of the sleeping Vishnu, who dreams the world.

Faustian Fascination
The idea that the story of Faust shows up time and time again tells me there is something below our skin that identifies with this story. Here are some ideas.

Unfold Your Own Myth
My interpretation and some of the mythic references of the famous Rumi poem.

Myths are True
While you can look at mythic stories as a symbolic way of recounting historical events, I prefer to look for a more poetic interpretation.

Cultural and Mystical Fusions
Some thoughts about merging two cultures together... some good comes of it, but much is also lost.

Dream of the Conscious
A description of a dream I had.

The Rats of Shangri-La
Using up my carbon allotment for the year by traveling in an airplan on Earth Day, I wonder about how we value our changing world.