Howardism Musings from my Awakening Dementia
My collected thoughts flamed by hubris
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Visiting Darol for the Last Time

Daddy shields his baby girl
  Locks terror in a box
She hears and reads between
  In shadows, sees the fox

    "What's this?"

She hands me a package
  "For your friend's baby boy.
Without his dad, he'll need
  To play with this small toy"

A stench-filled plane, I cry
  Stare at sensual blue curves
Intercourse of Earth-Sky
  Interconnected nerves

From gnat to mighty whale
  Each joy at a new birth
Even bristle cone pines
  Are buried in the Earth

In her eyes, I'm a rock
  I just can't let her see
Her trunk holding up the sky
  Some day she'll bury me

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