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Side Notes

Isolt comes from the Celtic myth of Tristan and Isolt. A fairly complex story about how Tristan fought Isolt's uncle (some stories claim he was her brother) and killed him. In true Celtic fashion, she swore revenge. Later Tristan ends up in her land (Ireland) and saves the kingdom from a dragon. In the process he becomes ill and Isolt nurses him back to health. It is only when he is nearly recovered does she find out that he is the one who she swore vengence.

Since he slew the dragon, Tristan saves Isolt from a bad marriage and takes her to be the wife of his liege, King Mark. On the ship, they accidently drink a love potion intended for Isolt and King Mark.

King Mark marries Isolt, but the love between Tristan and Isolt is too strong and they continue to see each other until Mark banishes Tristan. In the end, everyone dies heartbroken…

‡The reference to Pygmalion comes from Greek mythology of a sculptor, who falls in love with a statue he had carved, and who was brought to life by Venus.

Tears for the Lost Ones

The skies they bled,
                 As darkness fed,
I sat by the window alone.
Pondering through
                The oppressive gloom,
Mirky, the watercolor flowed.

The dark ground seeps
                  As the clouds weep,
Tears for all the Isolts from myth†.
I'd up with haste,
                  Not leave the chase,
If I were the knight from the mist.

Or would I see
                  On the ship at sea,
The soul that melds with mine?
For passion brews,
                  As valor stews,
Which shadows the eyes as with wine.

I wrap my arms
                  Around my love
And squeeze til the fluff fits my head.
To dream alone of
                  Pygmalion's stone‡,
The loved one that fits my soul's bed.

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