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Underworld Messages

Today while on my way to work, I saw a black raven sitting in a white paper birch tree … the contrast was so striking that I stared a little longer than I should, and this poem erupted on the scene.

I began by taking this this pentastitch-it advice, and memorized the first five lines thinking that was plenty. But then the raven insisted on following me …

Raven in Nona's leafless birch sits
Paper from the trunk rips
Rattles, tears free in cold winter wind
What runes lie hid within?
That raven in a leafless birch shits

Messenger eyes a mirky puddle
Floats down … large, black bubble
But not liking this low vantage point
Flies to a sign labeled 3rd and Caine
She cackles her message having a ball
In a language that I don't recall
Since those long lazy childhood years
By streams catching frogs and tears
When I could speak with the world.

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