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How Trees are Made

Dripping and naked
Stepping from the stream
Running through meadow
Into fields of trees

Sunning leafy hair
Flower petals wet
Clinging to her skin
Gaia's perfumed scents

Running for her joy
Running in freeness
Watching her beauty
Praying for his chance

Running nails through hair
Voicing as a dove
Stretching her lithe arms
To the warmth above

Calling, I have come
Voicing as a God
Shining hair and skin
Burning eyes and lips

Running not for joy
Running for freedom
Running not for love
Running for passion

Bounding, hounds at heels
Slobbering at the wind
Aching, her chest pained
Soreness in her legs

Clinging leaves in hair
Petals on her skin
Leaping over streams
Tears of fear flowing

Wrapping arms of warmth
Hot breath through parted lips
Flowing into soil
Voicing as a tree

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