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For My Friend...

A watercolor I did to accompany the poem.

What shall we do when blue is the Moon
        And birds sing low, a mournful tune?
We'd fly through the sky on Cat-named-Ty,
        Who glides through the air, higher than high--

We'd finish the Moon, painting it green,
        Smoothing the wrinkles, shining it sheen.
We'd catch some comets, then on we'd jet
        To brighten sunrise, and the sunset.

Past guarding dragon with hundred eyes,
        Singing lullaby, asleep in time…
We'd gather apples on Cat-named-Ty
        In golden garden of Hespirides.

With juicy apples, and some Moon dew,
        A pinch of starlight, we'd make our brew…
A drink to cheer us, a toast to us!
        Soaking in soul-light, Blessed be us!

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