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Last night, my daughter (who is now almost 7) and I spent the entire evening reading poems so that she could find her favorite. You see, today is Poem in a Pocket Day, where you are to stuff your favorite poem in your pocket, and bring it to school to read.

She found one called Sea Otter, and practiced reading it. I then showed her some of mine. She found this one, and initially thought it was about her actually kicking her father. She printed it out and stuff it into her pocket along with the otter.


It's beautiful! What a wonderful evening you and Flora had. What a wonderful life she's having with a dad like you, Howard! Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs,


I love this!
Thanks for the tender moment Howard!


Daddy Getting Kicked

The first time I felt my daughter--
Pressing tiny knees against my finger
Through protective uterine walls,
I was filled with an ineffable prayer
Of fear, excitement and awe.

She is real… this tiny dream is growing…

An infant to bounce 4 hours before work…
A baby to chase around on bruised knees…
A child to entertain after coy
      pleadings of "one more story."
A girl to sip invisible tea in tiny cups…
A student to help struggle over
      endless pages of algebra…
A teen to share Coltrane and Bach…
A young lady to shower compliments
      after her performance…
A woman to share in her adventure…
Of spinning on a giant blue ball
That hovers breathlessly in the air
Before crashing into glasses of lemonade
Placed next to the inflatable pool
Filled with tears of joy.

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