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Creative Commons Licensing

Well, I changed my mind. I've relaxed my copyright licensing for the original content on my website and placed it under a Creative Commons license model. Why?

Well, it isn't that I have something to prove… it just started out that I felt that if I ever came up with something on my website that was so phenomenal that I'd like to take credit… ok, it really is all about egotism. But we've all read Ayn Rand, and we all feel like that's not necessarily bad, right?

But my egotism shouldn't stop people from making comments or quoting my site-- just the opposite. Such references would fluff my ego. So, I decided to alter my copyright notice (which would have still allowed people to comment, quote and link to my site) and instead I ammended it with the Attribution Creative Commons License.

What this means is that anyone can copy, distribute, and display my copyrighted work-- and derivative works based upon it-- but only if they give me credit. This even includes work done with commercial purposes.

So, if I just happen to have some fabulous thought-- I know, I know, fat chance, but if I do, and you want to use it, go ahead. Not only will I not mind, I'll appreciate that. But just make a note that I wrote it, and let me know. I'd love to see it.

The Commons

I've had an interest in the concept of the commons for a few years… If you've never heard the term, it refers to what we all share as common, like air and city parks. No one should own or abuse this area. Granted, there is a lot of controversy over what is common-- should drinkable water be common? I think so, but this may not always be the case all over the world.

But there is also stories, art and cultural things that are also held in common by us, and just like city parks, this "creative commons" need to enhanced with new flowers and trees. Now with the copyright laws extending for a few thousand years past the authors death, it is nice when an artist places her work in the commons sooner. It essentially enhances our culture.

No, I'm not so full of myself as to think that my work on this website would actually improve our culture, but in a way, it does. Culture isn't just made from symphonies and "Mona Lisas" … it is made from pop songs and billboard ads as well.

And yes, I do feel that each person should extend our global culture by expressing himself or herself on a personal website. For better or worse.

Perhaps some brilliant idea will be sparked in someone by coming to this site… who am I to interfer with that? So consider this author's website not an artistic expression as much as a patronage. ;-)

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