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JavaScript had to 'look like Java' only less so, be Java's dumb kid brother or boy-hostage sidekick. Plus, I had to be done in ten days or something worse than JS would have happened.

—Brendan Eich

JavaScript and Node.js

I've got a new-found love affair going with JavaScript, and I owe it all to how easy it is to put micro-servers together in a PaaS cloud with Node.js.

Here are some of my discoveries and notes on this technology.

Kicking off a new open source project for jQuery, I call FuzzyToast, replacing JSPs on the web browser with a single function.

JavaScript Interview Questions
Edgecases that sometimes merit discussion.

Caching Ideas in the FuzzyToast Framework
How we are planning on increasing performance in the Fuzzytoast plugin.

Locking in Node.js
Simple and specific lock system for Node.js that I put together for access to MongoDB. Don't use this approach, but feel free to ponder it. ;-)

Node.js Modules
Node's modules follow the Singleton Pattern, and I didn't realize that from reading the documentation, and thought I'd explain how that works.

My Node.js Perspective
Just finished the alpha release of a Node.js-based project, and wanted to describe the goods and bads of it.

Variable Access inside Functions
An often asked question on StackOverflow seems to a problem with JavaScript, but I wanted to explain how this is really a feature of how direct variable access within a function.

Client-Side Multivariate Testing
Links and some extra information associated with my talk I gave at the jQuery Summit in 2013