Howardism Musings from my Awakening Dementia
My collected thoughts flamed by hubris
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Whence Jini?
One of my favorite ideas that seems to have been solely forgotten.

Java Not Fun?
A little ditty about how Java used to be fun for me ... then wasn't ... but now is getting better.

Freemarker vs. Velocity
While Velocity is simpler, Freemaker wins out for me.

Loosely Coupled Components, Part 1
A brief tutorial on doing loose coupling of components by using interfaces and the factory builder design pattern.

Computer Inspiration
Someone asked me what software-related book has inspired me lately. That's a very good question, as I haven't been inspired for a long time.

What's up with Java?
A friend was complaining about the complexity of Java, and he isn't alone. There may be a solution.

Thoughtful Consideration better than any Pattern
Design thoughts inspired by an interview on specialized performance considerations.

Interview Questions
I have decided to post the answers to many of the interview questions being asked for Java positions.

Why Not Use the Database?
Why do OOP programmers have this itch to create objects that mirror database tables? Not everything has to be an object... really.

Perspectives on Struts
A list of some of the weaknesses (IMHO) of the Struts framework. I would like to see what I can do to address some of these.

Threading Gotchas in Java

Death of Java?
Don't put that last nail in Java's coffin yet. Strongly typed, compiled languages have their place too.

Standard XPath API for Java
A brief introduction to a little publicized feature of JDK 1.5 ... a standard way of querying XML documents using XPath expressions.

Accepting Self-Signed SSL Certificates in Java
I always forget what it takes to teach Java to accept self-signed SSL certificates.

Functional Programming in Java
Seriously? An imperative monster like Java, has nothing to do with old, crufty functional programming concepts, right? Well, it does, and it isn't that difficult to bring in more FP concepts.

Whence Spring?
Once upon a time, the Spring Framework was the cat's meow. Now, it has been branded with the evil moniker, Enterprise Software. But I have my own reasons for not caring too much for it.