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If you want everything to be familiar, you will never learn anything new. --Rich Hickey


I'm enjoying what I see of Clojure. However, I am not enjoying the books and tutorials. They seem to be written to other Clojure programmers. Perhaps, I could write a few essays for a more gentle, but quicker introduction to the language.

The Koolaid of Clojure
The love and hate of Lisp seems to spin on its syntax. I don't quite understand that, so maybe I can unspin that.

Clojure's Tail Recursion Feature
What appeared to me to be a kludge around a lack of tail recursion, has become a feature to me.

Whence Forth?
Forth, like many other computer languages, gathered a lot of excitement, but failed to deliver anything more than printer drivers? But why, as is there a lesson for the Clojure Community?

The Background for CAR and CDR
Lisp has a long tradition, and we see some peculiar features of the past in some of the function names.