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I Found an Easter Egg

Little, but purposeful, slips of software that typically entertain the author more than the consumer is called an easter egg. Due, in part, to the fact that most are hidden in order to get past the boss and the quality assurance team.

Sometimes, these jokes aren't so hidden. For instance, take the following that I found in the Leopard release of Mac OS X. I first need to explain a new feature in the OS. It is called Quick Look, and it allows you to scan a document directly from the OS without having to launch and application, and it turns out to be quite handy.

But what does it mean to do a quick look at a networked computer? Well, today, you can probably do a pretty good job at distinguishing between the different operating systems, but you certainly don't want to do anything more, or the traffic would be horrid.

Today, while connecting my Mac over my corporate network, I saw the new default icon
for a Microsoft Windows computer that it can't connect, and didn't think anything of it, until I enlarged the window of a better look (Click on the image below).

A cute jab…

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