Howardism Musings from my Awakening Dementia
My collected thoughts flamed by hubris
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What are the moral convictions most fondly held by barbarous and semi-barbarous people? They are the convictions that authority is the soundest basis of belief; that merit attaches to readiness to believe; that the doubting disposition is a bad one, and skepticism is a sin.

—T.H. Huxley

On Religion

Ten Commandments vs. The Beatitudes
Why are all these Christians raging for the ten commandments and not for the Beatitudes?

History of the Devil
While I'm no expert in ancient Hebrew, it doesn't take a mythologist to track the evolution of the devil. And by the term, *evolution*, I mean just that.

The Teleological Proof of God
Bishop Pangloss stops by to debate the existence of God with his version of the teleological proof. Hilarity insues... or something like that.

The Dance of God and the Devil
Do you have any paradoxes that keep you up at night? If not, maybe you should.

Religious Evolution
Does the concept that religion evolves much like the life forms we see around us, bother you? Or is it that religious evolution is the only good part about religious expression?

Rhapsody on a Theme of T.H. Huxley
What we think we know often clouds out the truth. Entertaining uncertainty is the only way to keep the possibilities available, and the mind's door open. And this is why, I'm quite certain, the only truthful path is that of agnosticism.

Does Religion Own Morality
Is religion and God necessary to keep people moral and good? Or is it just helpful, but not necessary? Could it actually interfere?

Faith, Reason and Agnosticism
An interview between Bill Moyers and Sir John Houghton gets me thinking about agnosticism.

A World Without God
Would a world without God be better, or would it be a life without meaning or purpose?

Who Made Us?
Is it time to update our primitive and infantile definition of God?

Why Do We Love Noah?
Why do we love Noah and his boat? If we paid attention to its messages, we might not.

On Pascal's Wager
Blaise Pascal was nice enough to stop by and discuss the finer points of his famous wager.

When Do We Disbelieve
When is a good time for children to grow up and stop believing in fairies, Santa Claus, and Easter zombies?

Heaven is No Place for People
Humans are not happy without constant struggling for improvement. And once they obtain their desire, are they happy? No, they're bored.

Why the Sunglasses?
If sunglasses are like someone's religious perspective. Is it helpful to take them off and look squarely at the world?

Non-Theism is Hard
Anne Rice says that atheism is too difficult, so she went back to being religious. Here are my thoughts on this idea.