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Rosina’s AirBNB Flat

This summer, I took my family to Europe. Yes, it was a big deal for us. We haven’t done something that extensive before. Wanting the full real deal, we opted to stay at people’s houses as much we could (sometimes friends, but mostly at AirBNBs).

We hadn’t tried the whole AirBNB thing, but overall, we had a lovely experience. Hotels are often in the heart of things, but AirBNBs are people’s flats, and often in the neighborhood. Wanting to show my kids how others live, it seemed like a good idea.

Now the problem. AirBNB only gives you two weeks to submit a review of your place. Really? We were gone a month, and sitting down at my computer wasn’t something I was really craving. Consequently, I was surprised that when I had a free moment to collect my thoughts for one of our favorite places, I couldn’t leave a review.

So, if you plan on going to Italy, may I suggest Florence (Firenze), and also, allow me to recommend you stay at Rosina’s. If I could leave a review, this is what I would have said:

We loved our stay at Rosina’s AirBNB flat, and can’t recommend it enough.

A few details…

The pictures of the place didn’t quite match as her place is far cuter. Tastefully decorated, spacious, clean and very livable.

When we arrived, we were greeted with benvenuto and Proseco. Rosina would check in on us every day and answered our regular questions patiently… it was like having your best friend next door. I mean it. One day, when my son stepped on a sea urchin at the coast, Rosina’s husband and son helped pull out the barbs! The kindest most beautiful family.

The location is across the Arno from the main touristy section of the city (on the Piazzale Michelangelo side), but since it was close to the river, we’d just walk across the bridge into the city. We loved pretending we were Italians living in an Italian neighborhood: each morning we’d cross the street for espresso and baked goods where only Italian was spoken. A supermarket is in the next block as well.

The street is full of good restaurants for the locals (no over-priced, overcooked pasta for tourists here), and after a day of sight-seeing, we liked how we could clean up and go to dinner…still pretending to be Italians.

No elevator in the building, but the entry and stairs were brightly lit and wide. If you’re a walker who wants to experience the real Florence, then this place is for you.

Please, go stay with Rosina, and tell her how much we appreciated staying there.