Howardism Musings from my Awakening Dementia
My collected thoughts flamed by hubris
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Commentary on Things I've Read

I enjoy reading poetry and love sharing them. I learned years ago that, any one who attempts to share poetry is quickly avoided as a leper. So now I simply drop my commentary on poetry and other forms of literature here on my web site.

Stanley Kunitz poem, The Layers
Inspirations on how our lives change ... inspired by the poem, The Layers, by Stanley Kunitz.

Bashô's Narrow Road
Some initial impressions from the translated haiku's of Bashô from "Narrow Road to the Interior."

On Journaling ...
I write on my website with the intention of stimulating good conversation,

The Nature of Poetry
And just what is your definition of a poem?

All Along the Watchtower
My interpretation of the text of a great American classic.

My interpretation and thoughts associated with this poem by Ian Anderson.